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Wimmera Crop Watch provides services and products for the farming community - Neale Postlethwaite is Manager. WCW markets global positioning systems and provides technical support and service.

WCW provides:

  • Global Positioning Systems installation and service
  • Soil sampling service
  • Contract bedforming for raised beds -

  • WCW uses GPS guidance for Bed Forming for agricultural uses such as used in horticulture. The uses for repeatable accuracy GPS guidance are endless.
  • remote sensing, mapping and aerial photography for agriculture

WCW are agents for:

  • AgGuide GPS systems -

  • Neale is now technical support consultant and marketer for Ag Guide Guidance systems. The Ag Guide range of GPS equipment commences with Furrow guide, which is a mechanical auto steer system. This mechanical system may be upgraded to GPS Hands free steering. Light bars and single frequency units may also be upgraded through to the 2cm accuracy dual frequency that is top of the range. Ag Guide also make Glonass (Russian satellite system) available and has access to more satellites in the Glonass system. Glonass is not available in other guidance systems.

For more information
Neale Postlethwaite, 215 McKew Rd,Gooroc, Victoria, 3477
Ph: 03 54978265,Fax: 03 54978266, Mobile: 0407547848,email: nealepos@iinet.net.au